a patient with ASTHMA

40-year-old adherent on a MEDIUM-DOSE ICS/LABA

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40-year-old adherent on a

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Unmet need in ASTHMA

You may have patients who remain symptomatic with current therapy.

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Of patients with ASTHMA treated with a medium- or high-dose ICS/LABA,

30% - 50%

reported inadequately controlled ASTHMA (ACT ≤19), even
when treatment adherence was optimal.1-5*

Based on data from 3 randomized controlled trials (N=2431) and a real-world study (N=428). For the randomized controlled trials, >90% of patients were at least 80% adherent. For the real-world study, only patients with self-reported moderate to high adherence according to the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale were included.1-5


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