a patient with ASTHMA who is still symptomatic on an ICS/LABA

TRELEGY is NOT for the relief of acute bronchospasm.

Help release her from the bronchoconstriction of ASTHMA

Meet Lucy, a patient with ASTHMA

  • 40-year-old woman
  • Prebronchodilator % predicted FEV1: 70%
  • Diagnosed with asthma 10 years ago
  • Adherent to current treatment with a medium-dose ICS/LABA and as-needed SABA

Hypothetical patient profile.

Lucy Photo
Lucy Photo

Patients like Lucy may experience1:

  • Chest tightness
  • Shortness of breath once a week
  • Nighttime symptoms at least once a week

Could your adult patients with ASTHMA who continue to experience symptoms on an ICS/LABA benefit from once-daily triple therapy with TRELEGY?

Review clinical trial data for TRELEGY vs an ICS/LABA in ASTHMA

Unmet need in ASTHMA

Unmet need in ASTHMA

You may have patients who are still experiencing asthma symptoms

Of patients with asthma treated with a medium- or high-dose ICS/LABA, 30% - 50% reported inadequately controlled asthma (ACT Score of 19 or less), even when treatment adherence was optimal.2-6*

*Based on data from 3 randomized controlled trials (N=2431) and a real-world study (N=428). For the randomized controlled trials, >90% of patients were at least 80% adherent. For the real-world study, only patients with self-reported moderate to high adherence according to the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale were included.2-6


See how much TRELEGY improved lung function in adult patients with ASTHMA.

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Which component of TRELEGY inhibits bronchoconstriction?

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What is the starting dose of TRELEGY for adult patients with ASTHMA?

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