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About the TRELEGY ELLIPTA Inhaler


How to Use the TRELEGY ELLIPTA Inhaler

This video demonstrates clearly how to take a dose of TRELEGY. Watch this video with your patients so they learn how to use the inhaler.


ELLIPTA Inhaler Explained

This video shows the components inside the ELLIPTA inhaler.


Hear From Your Peers


Assessing Symptoms of COPD

Presented by Dr. Roger A. Abrahams, pulmonologist and critical care specialist.


Understanding COPD Exacerbation Risk

Presented by Dr. Erica Gregonis, pulmonologist.


Triple Therapy: Growing Clinical Evidence (COPD)

Presented by Drs. Shyamsunder Subramanian and Sanjay Sethi, pulmonologists and critical care specialists.


Considering Triple Therapy: A Case-based Discussion (COPD)

Presented by Drs. Erica Gregonis and Amelia Yeh, pulmonologists; and Dr. Neil S. Skolnik, family medicine and geriatric specialist.


Spotting the Risk in COPD