a patient with COPD

64-year-old treated with a TWICE-DAILY ICS/LABA

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At risk of exacerbation

64-year-old treated with a

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At risk of exacerbation

Your patients with COPD may be at risk for exacerbations if they:

Have had at least 1 exacerbation in the prior 12 months1

Are on maintenance therapy but have increased symptoms1

Experience worsening lung function1

Have required recent hospitalization due to an exacerbation2

Consequences of exacerbations can be significant

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Associated with increased risk of mortality3
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Most common reason for COPD-related hospitalizations4

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Major contributor to economic burden5,6

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Decreased health-related quality of life7

Just 1 moderate to severe exacerbation can lead to a significant decline in lung function.8


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